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What Are Your Non-scale Victories?

What are your non-scale victories?

There are many benefits from losing weight. Standing on the scale is just one way to measure your weight-loss success, and it doesn’t tell the whole story. Weight constantly fluctuates, which is why you shouldn’t be discouraged when you’re falling a bit short of meeting your weight goals, or even if you gain a few pounds. Instead of focusing entirely on what the scale tells you, set a series of non-scale victories that will help you stay motivated and excited about losing weight and becoming healthier.

The following are some common non-scale victories that can help you judge how far you’ve come in your weight-loss journey.

Fit more comfortably into your clothing

Even if you haven’t dropped any pounds, fitting more comfortably into your clothing is a positive sign you’re heading in the right direction. It’s common to find that your body composition is changing, even if your weight isn’t, especially if you’re working out and replacing fat with muscle.

Have better traveling experiences

Requiring a seat belt extender or two airplane seats can be embarrassing, as can being left behind when your group wants to go on a hike or outdoor adventure. When you can fit comfortably into your airplane seat, keep up with your group, and don a bathing suit without a t-shirt, you know you’re making great progress.

Shop at any store

You know you’re on the right track with weight loss when you don’t dread shopping for clothes because you can shop at nearly any store and wear sizes that aren’t in the plus-sized section.

Overcome health problems

Excess weight can trigger health problems such as diabetes, blood pressure, and asthma. When you’re able to overcome and reverse these problems, you’re doing a great job even if you haven’t lost pounds.

Look great in photos

When you feel comfortable having your picture taken and don’t dread family photographs, you know you’re progressing toward your target weight.

Play comfortably with kids and pets

Playing with dogs and children can zap your energy in no time when you’re overweight. But if you’re feeling less fatigued and more comfortable playing with energetic pets and kids, don’t allow the numbers on the scale to cause frustration and make you lose sight of your goals.

Have increased energy and stamina

Think about small tasks that drained your energy before you began your weight-loss journey, such as climbing the stairs to your bedroom or walking down the street to check the mail. If those tasks no longer make you feel tired and worn out, then you have every reason to celebrate!

Sleep comfortably through the night

Excess weight can cause sleep apnea and general discomfort throughout the night. When you’ve noticed fewer sleep disturbances and you feel refreshed most mornings, understand that your weight-loss efforts are massively paying off.

Receive more compliments

When you’re looking at yourself in the mirror every day, it can be difficult to determine whether you’re truly slimming down. But when friends, family, and coworkers begin complimenting you on your appearance more often, use those compliments as motivation to stay on the path toward continued weight loss and improved health.

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Medically reviewed by Jay J. Garcia, MD on August 14, 2017

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