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“What a great job and I did not bruise at all! I remember a while back when I had it done I had several black-and-blue marks. You are awesome!!”

“Terrific – seems to last longer…… in all the right spots. Better than my Dermatologist who says he’s the best! Thank You!!”

“Love! Conservative and I’ve referred soooo many friends! They all love the treatments.”

“I have enjoyed the result since being treated here. The staff is very knowledgeable kind and compassionate. Pain is kept to a minimum-the best part!”

“I could say so much about Alice! What I truly appreciate is her professionalism with being very personable! Always so knowledgeable with all the questions I have. She is always on time – so rare and so important. Finally – I TRULY ADORE THIS WOMAN!”

“I have been going for 5 plus years. Recommended by a good friend. Truly changed my life in many ways. I never understood what an impact hormones have on every part of our lives. Alice is very kind, patient and takes her time each and every time I come for my hormones. She is very knowledgeable – I cannot imagine my life without her – not just for the fact that she put pellets in but because she is a truly caring, genuine person.”

“I used to take clear thoughts, good sleep and body temperature for granted. NOT ANYMORE! When you are experiencing hormonal fluctuations like I was, it effects everything… every aspect of your life. The hormone pellets I receive are wonderful. No more Hot flashes, Muddled thoughts, Interrupted sleep, or Temperature fluctuations. Instead I wake up clear headed and feeling positive about the day. No more sleep interruptions. I will live longer and be healthier. My skin will look better and younger. The R.E.M. sleep I get now helps my body’s natural healing mechanisms. I just feel happier and it shows!! Alice is a kind, patient and wonderful person who really likes and wants to improve people’s lives. She sure helped me!

“Garcia Aesthetics has an eye for detail that leaves you looking fresh not frozen.”

“They always makes me feel comfortable and informs me throughout the entire process. I always leave feeling more confident and would recommend them to everyone!”

“Garcia Aesthetics is amazing! They made me feel at ease when I started getting Botox and fillers. They listened to my concerns, identified what goal I wanted to achieve and made it happen. I always know they will help me achieve my aesthetic goals. I’ll be a loyal customer for many more years!” – T. G.

“The staff is awesome. They made me feel comfortable and relaxed. They are knowledgeable and very helpful. I can’t wait to see them again!”

I love my Botox! I think it looks very natural. I look forward to my treatments. Aging gracefully has its benefits.”

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