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“Alice is the absolute best. She listens and is always conservative vs. overboard. (A very natural look!) Anytime someone needs injectables – I always mention Alice!!”

“They have been wonderful guiding me through the Botox treatments, so far so good!! I will be back to see them!”

“Amazing aesthetic providers. They know just the perfect amount of Botox to make me look refreshed. They delivers the look I am going for without overdoing injections every time.”

“The procedure of Testosterone pellet insertion has been great with many health benefits. At first, I was introduced with Testosterone injections coming into the office every week. Coming in every week was difficult. This process lasts much longer and with minimal pain or discomfort. When I leave the appointment – I head straight to work. Alice is a great communicator, very knowledgeable and always on time with my visits. I could say that using Garcia Aesthetic Center is always convenient and super easy to work with their staff.” – D. P.

“I am Super Happy about my lip injections!! I have zero bruising and you can’t even tell that I had work done.”

“I’ve been going to Garcia Aesthetics for my Botox since 2009. I would never let anyone else touch my face. They are very knowledgeable and professional. They always treat me like family. I’m always super satisfied with my results. I highly recommend their services. Thank you so much! You are truly the best!!”

“My experience with the hormone replacement therapy has proven to be incredibly successful. The pellet process is simple – painless due to the expertise of Alice and Julie. They are both compassionate, knowledgeable and caring. I would recommend the pellet if you are interested in balancing out your hormones which provides a much better life, more energy, moods are stabilized and libido is in check. Thank you to Alice & Julie!!”

“Making an appointment was easy and unexpected! What I mean is I call in expecting to make an appointment for next week and was pleasantly surprised that they had an opening the same day. From the cradle to the grave, the service was excellent. I have been coming here for a few years now and will continue to do so.”

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